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Thomas Luther “Luke” Bryan (born July 17, 1976, in Leesburg, Georgia) is an American country music artist. He debuted in 2007 with the single “All My Friends Say”, a Top 5 single on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts. His debut album, I’ll Stay Me, was released on Capitol Records in 2007. This album also produced chart singles in “We Rode in Trucks” and “Country Man”. In addition to his own material, Bryan wrote Billy Currington’s 2007 Number One hit “Good Directions.” In 2009, Bryan released his second album, Doin’ My Thing. This album produced the #1 country hit “Do I” as well as his next two number one hits, “Rain Is a Good Thing, and “Someone Else Calling You Baby.” more?
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Luke Bryan’s Ring-Finger Ink and Other Love Secrets
     Personal Life

Right now, I’ll bet Caroline Bryan is thinking, “You can crash my party anytime, Luke Bryan.” That is, if she just read the adorably sweet story in the January issue of Good Housekeeping magazine.

In it, Bryan describes his secrets for a strong marriage. There are seven of them. And my favorite one, by far, is the tattoo one.

“We do little nights out together,” he told the magazine. “One Valentine’s Day, we got each other’s initials tattooed on our ring fingers.”

So now if you see a little “CB” on his finger, you’ll know what it stands for. Bryan also admits it was love at first sight for him because of those blue eyes of hers.

“I knew that, no matter what, I was going to make my way over to her,” he said.

His other secrets are every bit as romantic: Every night before bed, Bryan rubs his wife’s feet. Every morning, the happy couple has coffee together, and he says it’s his favorite time of day. And they always let their two sons climb into bed with them to watch TV.

And if and when they do fight, it sounds like Mr. and Mrs. Bryan keep it kind of peaceful.

“We don’t have big throw-down fights. If we have a beef, we always talk about it instead of letting it snowball,” he said.

And while this may not be romantic in a traditional candles-and-flowers kind of way, one of Bryan’s marriage secrets is, well, his secret.

“I don’t let her know how much I spend on fishing,” he said.

Now, that’s true love.


Major Luke Photo Update
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I’m back from hiatus! I just spent my morning collecting and uploading all the Luke Bryan photos that I haven’t been able to update from around September to now! As you can see below, here is a preview of all the new photo albums, so take a look!

American Country Awards Show

Press Room at the American Country Awards

Arrivals at the American Country Awards

CMT Artists of the Year Show

Arrivals at the CMT Artists of the Year Show

Press Room at the American Music Awards

The American Music Awards Show

Arrivals at the American Music Awards

CMA 2013 Country Christmas

Arrivals at the CMA Awards

2013 CMA Awards Show

Luke Bryan Performs on ‘Good Morning America’

Inside the BMI Country Awards

Arrivals at the BMI Country Awards

Inside the ASCAP Country Music Awards

Dierks Bentley’s 8th Annual Miles and Music for Kids

America’s Got Talent – Red Carpet

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Luke Bryan Admits Women Get Shorted in Country Music

Luke Bryan stands up for his lady friends. He’s the reigning Entertainer of the Year, has the No. 1 album and is thecountry singer in the genre right now — but although he’s riding high, he admits it’s a lot more difficult for his fellow female country pals to find the same success.

The numbers are shocking, actually. Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart includes just one lone solo female artist – Carrie Underwood and her newest single ‘See You Again’ — in the Top 25, with a whopping 19 songs by solo men. In fact, Taylor Swift is the last solo country female to have her first two singles reach the Top 10 — and that was in 2007.

Entertainment Weekly asked Bryan to weigh in on this struggle, and he readily admits that country women do get the short end of the stick. “It’s disappointing that it’s so tough for a female artist to break. I don’t know really the demographics of why that is and what makes that so tough on women,” he says.

“I just feel like I don’t know what can be done to solve it. I think historically it’s always been that way a little bit,” Bryan adds. “It feels like now is the toughest time ever for women, but I would imagine it’s always been pretty damn crummy.”

Although the singer is perplexed on why men are so dominant in country music, he does have a few ideas. Female singers in their teenage years have a more difficult time hitting up the bars and honky tonks, especially at such a young and vulnerable age.

“Overall in country, it’s a different deal because it’s tough for a girl to, at the age of 16, start hitting the honky tonks. It’s just… [sighs] that the landscape in the minor leagues for women are tougher in country,” Bryan reveals.

Additionally, the expectations for country women versus male singers are vast — especially when it comes to appearances. That makes it tricky to do radio tours, as Bryan explains, “My radio tour, back when I was singing two shows a day, I’d have to wake up, throw on a hat.”

“In my opinion, the girls that make it, they can wake up early at 5AM, throw a hat on, roll into a radio station, hang with the guys,” he continues. “They kind of have to be able to hang with the guys but also be feminine and pretty, and it’s just a tough dynamic when you talk about that aspect…. Some girls on radio tours, it will take them two hours to get all dolled up to do three songs for a radio guy.”

Getting glammed up for two hours definitely doesn’t sound like Bryan’s kind of party. And while his answers don’t solve anything for aspiring country women, if he could, it seems he’d change the landscape of country music for his female friends.


Luke Bryan’s Career Tips for Country Girls

Luke Bryan has some advice for the country girls out there. And it has nothing to do with shaking it for him — or anyone, for that matter. Bryan recently talked with Entertainment Weekly about why it’s so much more difficult for women than men when it comes to making it big in country music. He doesn’t know why that’s the case. He just knows it is. As for the girls who do it right, Bryan says, “In my opinion, the girls that make it, man, they can wake up early at 5 a.m., throw a hat on, roll into a radio station, hang with the guys,” he said. “They kind of have to be able to hang with the guys but also be feminine and pretty, and it’s just a tough dynamic when you talk about that aspect.” So you have to be a girly girl who’s kind of a man’s man? That seems like kind of an impossible feat, but I know Bryan is right. He even talked about the irony of how most country fans are women and how hard it is to break through the glass ceiling installed in most country radio stations. “It feels like now is the toughest time ever for women, but I would imagine it’s always been pretty damn crummy,” Bryan said. “Overall in country, it’s a different deal because it’s tough for a girl to, at the age of 16, start hitting the honky-tonks.”


“That’s My Kind Of Night” Official Live Music Video
     Music Videos

Music video by Luke Bryan performing That’s My Kind Of Night.
(C) 2013 Capitol Records Nashville

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